These docs contain sample RESTful banking-as-a-service (BaaS) APIs available to Sandbox Banking client institutions and their partners.

Fintechs, developers, banks, or credit unions looking to consume or deploy BaaS services should REQUEST ACCESS.

Sandbox Banking delivers BaaS APIs via Glyue, our low-code integration and API builder platform.

All APIs are intended only as samples – bank and credit union clients of Sandbox Banking may purchase:

  • Limited subsets of the listed APIs
  • APIs beyond those listed in these docs
  • Highly customized versions of the listed APIs

The APIs within these docs are powered by our "mock bank" Glyue instance at

Several different services are documented:

  1. Retrieve Customer Details
    GET /api/v1/core-processor/customers

  2. Retrieve Monetary Transactions
    GET /api/v1/core-processor/monetary-transactions

  3. Create Customers
    POST /api/v1/core-processor/customers

  4. Create Deposit Accounts
    POST /api/v1/core-processor/deposit-accounts

  5. Transfer Money Internally
    POST /api/v1/core-processor/monetary-internal-transfers